• Isla di Gigolo

      Yes, I agree. I can’t believe these idiots on here are talking shit about this woman’s body. Lighting like that will make any supermodel look bad.

      • brennan

        I can’t believe the idiots who get so upset about people speaking the truth about someone who exploits her body to make a buck. This is how she looks without help of lighting and photoshop. She called the paps.

  1. absinthe

    Holy shit

  2. Bohdi

    I’m sorry but I would still spend 23hrs 59mins eating that ass….I would spend the other minute just in awe of the fact that I was eating that ass….

  3. Ganja Din

    Oh man, she went in the water now the fish are going to smell like that…

  4. bewbs

    yeah right! fake. anyway, i would kill for some extra weight and ta-tas like that

    • guest

      if you meant that the pictures look fake, i agree. i think the person who took them photoshopped them to make it look like she has more cellulite than she does. paparazzi makes money on two kinds of photos: the ones they photoshop to make celebrities look hotter than they really are and the ones they photoshop to make them look worse.

  5. Arizona Ken

    Obviously Sean Penn saw a treasure map in ‘them their cheeks’. Which would explain his recent breakup from the Black Pearl.

  6. Carl T

    How does that happen? Just all genes?

  7. Clive Basterson

    Sex would take care of that. Sex with me, anyway.

  8. The O

    Maybe she was just standing waist deep in the ocean for a really, really long time and her ass has become like fingers in a bathtub.

  9. Anon

    Um. She is beautiful. She is way better looking than any lazy, judgemental guy on this site could ever get.

  10. SeanPenn

    Now we know what Obama saw in her: dat ass, as his people say. I am just glad I can stop worrying about this one. Make mine thin.

  11. Lee

    WOW..shelooks NORMALLLLLL….omg, she looks fine

  12. IBitches I hope you know, I wont stop till I hit that Ho, baby come say hello and get your drunk ass over here lets bone

    Bitches I hope you know, I wont stop till I hit that Ho, Shorty come say hello and get your drunk ass over here lets bone

  13. anonymous

    I don’t get it ! She doesn’t look good for a so called MOVIE STAR and more importantly IS NOT A GREAT ACTRESS! She looks fine for an average looking woman her age (like MILLIONS of other women), but NOT for AN ACTRESS that GETS PAIDED MILLIONS!

    • lillaliket


      • Johnny Cage

        I don’t get mad you guys, I get horny. So yes I’d like to see more of her, preferably standing next to me.

      • anonymous

        I wasn’t being angry. I used caps on some words to EMPHASIS certain words. To express my opinion (which I have a right to express). You, on the other hand used ALL CAPS which is considered SHOUTING!!! I didn’t say anything WRONG or IGNORANT! So are you ANGRY or JUST IGNORANT?

      • sukusha

        Who’s angry with all the caps?

    • JN

      “PAIDED”?? Really???

    • Ari

      Actresses ARE normal, what kind of idiot do you have to be to even think that she HAS to look better than the rest of us just because she is a an actress?

      • Jynx

        Because that what she gets paid for?

      • Annie

        She gets paid for acting, not being a supermodel. It’s not like all actors are good looking, what kind of boring movies would we have then?
        Isn’t acting suppose to be “real life” but on a movie-screen? Afaik not all people are good looking in real life.

  14. JN

    That’s a gorgeous ass!

    • anonymous

      JN and Ari: Uh, thanks for pointing out my typo JN, that’s PAID. No offense but who PAID YOU for your one sentence? Oh that’s right, NOBODY! You don’t get payed. Ari, yep, she would stick her nose up at all of you so fast and laugh in your face. WHY, because she is a movie star that gets payed millions and YOU ARE NOT. (that’s THE DIFFERENCE between HER and ALL OF YOU). So keep KISSING ASS, EVERYONE…… still don’t get it? Than you are naive !!!!!!!!

    • poop

      I think you mean paid not payed…

  15. Ignatius718

    May I say ” Ha hah!” and
    “God bless you Nelson Muntz!”

  16. curiosity

    So what? It’s genes. She’s sexy anyway!

  17. Justin Bieber

    I would love to spread my love sauce all over that fat ass

  18. Dany.

    Personally, i don’t care. She may have cellulite, but it is still a beautiful woman! and for me, one of the most beautiful women!

  19. Dany.

    It’s not her fault, and it’s not disgusting

  20. EDJIE

    it was the water reflection of the light in a rippled way remove it and what a fine ass bro

  21. ds78

    I still think she has a great figure. Her face, never a fan.

  22. vgirly

    This just made me feel so much better. I’ve had 2 kids and my ass looks better than that.

  23. me

    I dont see why we have to hold everyone to such impossible standards. This is why we have so many eating disorders and self esteem problems forming in young girls

  24. Enonumus

    I’ve already commented on a couple of the other photos SJ photos TMZ has posted that make it look like she has a hardcore case of cottage cheese thighs. I’ve been using Photoshop professionally since 1996 (Version 3), and I can tell you unequivocally that all the pictures that show the back side of her thighs have had a Photoshop filter applied to those areas to drastically enhance the appearance of the cellulite.

    The side effect of using such a filter is that it darkens that area overall, but brightens the defects within that section to make them MUCH more defined, and you can use any strength you want. Because the filter darkens the overall area where it’s applied, you can compare it to the rest of the picture and see if the lighting is the same across the board if the sun is hitting those areas equally. It’s much easier to see and compare if you look at the area in question, and tilt your monitor back (if it’s LCD, and especially if it’s a laptop) increase the visible contrast.

    This picture isn’t the worst of them, or the easiest to point out the differences in lighting, but it’s obvious to me and if you look at some of the other cottage cheese pictures where I’ve illustrated how it’s done, it’ll be obvious to everyone else too. Sad and pathetic that tabloids and/or the paps that sell them the pictures have to use these tricks to tear people down, or in some cases build them up. Photoshop tricks and filters work both ways, and are used both ways every day by these people to project whatever message or them they want.

    In short, she DOES have SOME cellulite, and I doubt that any was actually added to these pics (although it’s possible), but if you saw the original pics or saw her body in real life, it wouldn’t look anywhere NEAR as bad as it appears in these modified pictures.

  25. ash

    really bad legs , un tight flesh, do not like such body

  26. I wquld love to bend her over a desk and take her from behind, watching her writhe and moan while I did her

  27. Terry

    I would eat that ass for days!!!!!
    I love woman with imperfections. She is just fucking buitiful and talented. Time to get the toilet paper out…

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