1. The Pope

    On a boat with Scarlet Johansson and her hot friend, with a young waitress on board too. If he’s anything like me, his alarm will go off any second and he’ll wake up cursing.

  2. wojtabela

    Is that Lou Farrigno?

  3. DeucePickle

    what happened to those super boobs she used to have ?

  4. j/k

    Charlie Sheen is still winning.

  5. She looks like she’s been on a bacon-respirator. WTF, Johansson?!?

  6. Peeing Gin

    Dude, it’s Huey Effing Lewis on a boat with Scarlett Joha.

  7. Senor Trout

    ‘With hair so wavy, and lips so thin,
    more than white women, I hate white men.’

    - Tyrone Greene

  8. Julie

    Never pinned her as one of Charlie Sheen’s angels, guess you learn something new every day!

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