1. jeremy

    Wow. Sooooo hot

  2. Enonumus

    Again, the Photoshopping to enhance the appearance of cellulite is glaringly obvious in this pic. If you have a laptop or an LCD monitor that you can tilt, look at the area of her leg where you see the cellulite and just tilt the screen back until you’re able to see a lot more contrast on your screen. Notice how all of a sudden it looks like she’s got a giant dark bruise right in the section of her leg where you see the cellulite, but not to the left or to the right of it? It’s all being hit by the sun from the same angle, so why is just that one section so much darker you ask? That’s because a Photoshop filter has been used specifically on that area to drastically enhance the appearance of the cellulite.

    I mentioned this already on the pic where she’s standing up with her back to the camera, where again you could see that the area with the cellulite was darker than the rest of her body, but it’s BLATANTLY obvious in this pic when you adjust the viewing angle of your monitor. The filter that enhances wrinkles and defects works by darkening the overall area and brightening areas that are basically “different”, without getting too technical. You can’t avoid the darkening affect when you use it. Nice hit job TMZ… (or whoever provided the photos to you).

    • johnny

      shut up scarlett’. Just accept you’re a fat whore and work the fuck out
      no one would go through the trouble of putting cellulite on your stupid body

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