1. Ganja Din

    Okaaaaay….. missionary style it is, then.

  2. Anni Christ

    What. Went. Wrong.

  3. Snooki's Taint

    Hey. wait a minute. that wasn’t always there!

  4. Not seen: Large bag of pork rinds.

  5. :sigh: people..

    What happened? She’s closing in on 30. That’s what happened.

  6. ohno

    ok…avoid the zoom tool at all cost.

  7. Drundel

    Didn’t Jabba have this exact same pose in one of the star wars movies?

  8. Vote her off the island

    You’re an actor what the fuck are you doing eating cellulose based food products. Get the fuck away from corn. Holy shit you are a fucking fat beast, God damn woman put the fucking marshmellows down.

  9. WOWWWWW. this woman is not fat. she has cellulite on her legs. big. fuckin. deal.

  10. dali

    the problem is that all you assclowns are spending you time looking at ladies with boyish figures, so that when a sex bomb like this comes along she appears fat.

    You are probably better off with the dime a dozen hump-hump bar types (like Tila Tequila or Bai Ling)

  11. Greta

    She has a pig face – and quite the gut. And don’t get me started about her cellulite. FUGLY.

  12. Enonumus

    Nice use of a Photoshop filter there to greatly exaggerate the appearance of cellulite. It was used so blatantly that it almost makes it appear as if she has a humongous bruise on the area of her leg where the cellulite appears. That’s because the side effect of that type of filter is that it darkens the area overall where it’s applied, and brightens the defects to make them stand out. People that use Photoshop for a living know what I’m talking about…

  13. mikael

    take me down to cellulite city where the grass is green and the girls aren’t pretty…

  14. Hey scarlett i love you dear. i like to watch your all movies and in your movies i love your attitude that’s why i love you dear. :) :)

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