1. Ganja Din

    Sorry I dropped the ball, the cellulite was in my eyes…

  2. t

    yay, i feel good about my body now. even hot celebrities can’t seem to escape cellulite

    • NYC gal

      I’m feelin you, t.

    • juicyfruit

      Most women in the world cannot escape cellulite. She has a normal body. She has curves. When you get natural tits, you usually get natural ass. Natural ass usually has cellulite.
      This pic makes me feel better too :)

    • Melanie

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • clo

      Except she’s not hot. She’s young and she can afford a personal trainer and chef. There’s no excuse for a lumpy bumpy backside like that at her age with her resources.

      • aristotrash

        Genetics have a lot to do with it. She might have to lose a ton of weight in other areas to minimize the appearance of cellulite in an area that people can only see when she’s in a bikini – and it might not be worth it to her, or she might just not care if she still looks great in a dress.

      • Kojak

        Her job is all about have control of her own body and face.
        She is a top actress, highly payed, and more beautiful than talented, so, is pathetic that she is looking far from an avarage actress…
        It is not only cellulite, but also a lack of muscles and the presence of a fat bely!
        And her genes are good ones. She is just lazy, and that will cost her money.

      • kate

        yeah, except for being a person.


      Don’t worry, ladies. I’d still bang each and every one of you. This is also an action shot. If she was standing still, the cellulite would be much less visible.

    • ohno

      she’s not hot, so don’t go feeling any better, you fat fart.

  3. Mena

    ok I get it, “she’s a real woman, she has curves so therefore she has cellulite” I get that, I doubt she is a glutton.. but you get paid MILLIONS, You KNOW you will be photographed, you lost your personal space and freedom for this. Find an elliptical already. I come from fat, yes just fat, and I dont sag like that because I work out!

    • Zoya.

      Agreed! Huge butt & cellulite run in my family. Starting running couple of years ago and the cellulite melted away. Didn’t drop a lot of weight, but I now have runners legs. I’m probably twice her size and my ass and thighs don’t look like that.

    • saks

      If she could act, it wouldn’t matter so much. She can’t, and she’s quite horsey faced.

    • lily

      an elliptical wont save those thunder thighs. im shocked her legs look like this, shes only 26 years old!! i agree with you 100% how could she think she looks good? these pics prove she is soooo over rated!

  4. Effing gross. She lost her tits and her ass exploded like a bowl of cottage cheese

  5. knotmee

    wow a big guts and cottage cheese thighs. how the mighty have fallen.

  6. maeby

    She’s in mid-run. Mid-run is always wobbly and weird looking.

  7. sadie

    Whoa that last shot… she sure has a lot of fat and cellulite for a person her age. My mother is in better shape and she’s had three kids.

  8. sheldon

    In addition to deluding herself about her acting abilities, she must have also deluded herself into thinking she is fit enough to strut around for photographers in a tiny bikini. Please post shirtless pics of her ex to erase these godawful images. Tks in advance.

  9. JackTheRipper

    you are all stupid if you think this pic is real. I dont think one body can look like this from this angle and fine from rest of angles..this is so fake, if somebody has so discussing cellulite on buttie
    and back thighs for sure does not have toned arms and belly.

    • anon

      Geez, it’s hard to even make out what you’re trying to say. First off, she doesn’t have incredibly toned arms or midsection. Second (and I know a lot of men claim that what I’m about to say is an excuse for women to let themselves go), I’d say that most women with cellulite have it genetically; if they’re very overweight, it probably got much worse and more noticeable with the extra fat. I’m 20 years old and 105-110 pounds, and I don’t have much cellulite, but I have a little right below my butt, and even though I jog and don’t eat badly, it’s just there. That’s life. I don’t care, normal guys don’t care,no one cares. I for sure don’t claim that every picture of me on the beach where it’s visible is photoshopped.

      Stop deluding yourself and accept that women have (normally) rather high percentages of body fat, and with that feminine form comes cellulite. Scarlett looks a bit out of shape here and that may be emphasizing it, but stop calling photoshop on every picture that ruins your idea that all women look like VS Angels.

      • Dan

        anon, it’s really just because she slept with Sean Penn who just seems gross and someone you wouldn’t want to be tunnel buddies with. That is the whole thing.

        Physically she looks awesome.

    • lily

      toned arms and belly? her stomach looks incredibly bloated and her arms are average at best. the pic isnt fake, she has just chunked out…her weight fluctuates like crazy and that contributes to her abundance of cellulite. shes looks like any other average american female

  10. JackTheRipper

    you are now saying that all curvy women have cellulite? i suggest you to go get a life and see how it is, cellulite has nothing to do with curves, sometimes not even with weigh, Ive sen over-weighted women with less cellulite than skinny ones, just because all women with cures you’ve seen had cellulite doesnt mean automatically all women with curves in the world have cellulite.
    What I was trying to say in the first post was that normally theres no way one can have such backside yet toned belly and arms, and Im not saying she has the most toned arms out there, but compared to her backside, look like they dont belong to the same person.
    The fact that nobody cares is another story, this is not what we were talking about.

  11. JackTheRipper

    and look at pic 12, where the hell did all this messy cellulite go?
    looking at how messy it seems here it should have been at least a little visible in that pic too

    • you’re talking out of your ass. just stop. no one photoshopped this picture. I shouldn’t even get into it because it sounds like you haven’t seen many women, but celluite on the ass doesn’t have much correlation with how toned arms or belly are.

    • Heather

      FFS she’s running in this pic! Obviously if she already has cellulite, which by the way IS GENETIC, it’s going to look like that. If you are skinny or fat and you have the “cellulite gene” you’re going to have it.

  12. Orwell

    It’s photoshopped, most likely by her own PR team that wants her to lose weight [she doesn't need to, but...hollywood] without her knowledge. Scarlett is young and her legs DO NOT look like that. Remember the J-Lo pictures where it looks like she’s 85? J-Lo has awesome legs. We’re all being tricked. Don’t fall for it.

    • Seussi

      Haha that’s the one of the most whacked out celeb conspiracy theories I’ve read lately. Her PR team would photoshop the hell out of these pictures if they could: to ERASE all evidence of cellulite and tubby tummy, like they always do.

  13. Rebecca

    I think she has great skin and a cute body. The picture is definitely not photoshopped, I think it’s just the light, motion and angle that makes them extra visible. My but looks horribly bumpy in some lights as well…


    I guess the old rubs off on there after a while.

  15. bullets

    she probably doesn’t care

    all she has to do is go to the gym and her problem will be over in two weeks. She’s only 26 years old

    • Cecilia

      I go to the gym all the time, I work out on average 17 hours per month, and my cellulite isnĀ“t going anywhere. It’s a myth that you can just start jogging more often and those lumps and bumps will disappear, because they won’t. A lot of it is genetic, and the rest of it is diet in combination with skin care and good (or bad) luck. If you loose ALL the fat on your body, of course you’ll have less cellulite, but look at Tara Reid. She was super anorexic for a while, and still had bumps on her butt.

      • qwerty

        That’s cause she lost all the fat by having a lipo in some
        “doctor’s” cellar

      • eatme

        …you “work out” over 30 mins a day and still have cellulite? It’s time for a reality check: sitting in a tim hortons scoffing down crulers while doing kegel excercises does not count as working out. Me thinks you do not hit the gym nearly as often as you pretend to yourself that you do.

  16. TK

    Yall some assholes.

  17. xxx

    Genetics has plenty to do with it. I exercised 2 hours a day when I was 19 and still had cellulite in my rear (not my legs though) no matter what I did. My friend is 46 and she has no dimples at all. Unfair!

  18. tara

    guests can still comment hhuh?

  19. sowhat

    So what every one has cellulite you just can’t see it on people with thicker skin. So sick of people acting like it is something horrible to be embarassed about…. wait until it happens to you. You can be extremely fit and still have it. Most men you can’t see it because their skin is thick look how fat some are and you still can’t see it. Guess what all you men making your rude comments women are better looking anyway go look at your hairy asses and shut up!

  20. Mamamia

    Blah blah. All of us women have a little cellulite. I’m a little shrimp and I have a little. Some angles you’d never see it. Others, it’s like “where the eff did that come from?” It’s genetic for the most part, but being a healthy weight, running, and drinking a lot of water helps curb it. Most likely she fell victim to an unfort angle like J-Lo did like a year ago. I’m sure she has some, but this is a bad picture.

  21. KTI

    She is still an attractive woman, but this is unfortunate.

  22. xttaayylorex

    Ladies and gents, due to the fact that she is mid-run, scientifically, gravity is dragging any fat that has pushed through her muscle fibers downward, while she is pushing upward from the ball of foot. You know what that means? CELLULITE APPEARS. I’ve seen many pictures of thin, fit Pippa Middleton with cellulite as bad as this mid-run. It’s totally normal, so I really don’t think it’s necessary to be calling her fat. She may be out of shape, but she does not seem “fat” in any way. She looks around 22-23% body fat. That’s in the fit range, bitches.

  23. Dimple butt, pimple butt…..what to you expect from this simple slut?

  24. Jasmine

    Defo doesn’t look like celebrity material. Maybe the paps should just stick to photgraphing the beautfiul and leave the ugly alone.


    WOWZERS!!! DAMN, THAT BUTT LOOKS DELICIOUS!!! I don’t give a shit what any of you say, that woman is SMOKIN’!

  26. live-and-let-live in reality

    99% of models have neither boobs nor butt; that’s a genetic type, and it’s both good & bad (for that person). But they don’t get to eat real food either. Why don’t all of you just worry about yourselves!

  27. Mary

    Okay, just saw her from behind on another site…same pictures and she does not have that much cellulite. This has to be photoshopped.

  28. Enonumus

    I’m not defending her, but I can tell you this picture has been “enhanced” to severely exaggerate the appearance of cellulite. Little tricks like this are used 24/7 in the tabloid magazines and websites to make people/pictures appear the way the tabloid wants to portray them on any given day. I’ll illustrate…

    Notice how her entire backside (from her neck all the the way to her feet) is well lit, and obviously the sun is behind and above her and the shadows are on the front side of her body, but the section from her butt to the back of her knees is darkened/shaded? The casual observer wouldn’t even notice it.

    When you use Photoshop and you want to exaggerate wrinkles, defects, etc., OR bring out definition in a picture or area that way too bright, the filter that does this darkens that area and allows you to see things you otherwise wouldn’t notice, or exaggerates things you do notice. These are professional pics and the lighting is great, so the only reason to use that type of filter in this specific area is to exaggerate the effect and create a buzz. In this case what would have been very mild cellulite, instead appears as if she’s got hard core cottage cheese thighs.

    Believe whatever you choose though…. No doubt the girls would rather believe this is really how she looks to make them all feel better, and the guys would rather believe it’s a Photoshopped hit job and she’s still hot.

  29. It must be mistaken, this is Cellulite Johansson not Scarlett Johansson !

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