1. G.I. Jose

    World class side boob! But she still doesn’t have a pretty face.

  2. Mark

    I think Scarlett is a sexy young woman. That said, she may not have what it takes to be a sexy woman, or even older woman when it gets that time. I think she needs to stop the ho’ing and grow out her hair again. Her proud Lesbian look isn’t as hot as her Matchpoint look. imo

  3. notretarded

    Seems like these 2 aren’t banging on all cylinders

  4. Pablo Francisco, Esq.

    Face: Better.

    Tits: A lot smaller than her prime.


  5. Joe

    Face: Butter

    Tits: Meh

    Personality: Lacking


  6. The TROOF

    Tits are gone. Bring on the next starlet.

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