1. Dank

    Make it stop!

  2. Steve

    When did she get this way? Wow!

  3. Minty

    Sarah Polley! Love her!

  4. frcrkr

    If I had to look at that in the mirror every day I would be mean and angry too

    • alisa

      ummmm is it because she’s wearing a modest bathing suit, doesn’t have a spray tan, a MAC forcefield or hair extentions?

  5. Jacky

    It is her! She’s the director of the movie – you can imdb it.

  6. sotallyTober

    Meh. There were pics of Audrina P awhile back that made her look average size in a two piece, like she has more weight on her than she does- in actuality, I would describe her look as “strategically anorexic.” Sarah looks pretty normal to me. Plus, she’s hilarious.

  7. great buzz kill Fish

    A few years ago I used to think Sarah was hot. Of course a few years ago I was drunk six days a week at my Frat house.

  8. unableunwilling

    I don’t think she’s fat. More just like a giant rectangle with bad posture.

  9. Chenush

    I think she looks good.

  10. Ben Doverman

    You can tell she farts alot and they stink like rancid broccoli.

  11. elle

    She has a normal body.

  12. Sam

    Fat jew!

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