1. pat

    no me gusta

  2. mea cul

    My belief that nothing is attractive or sexy about this ‘woman’ has been confirmed.

  3. The O

    who photoshopped my grandma’s ass into this pic?

  4. Just_As_it_IS

    Just when something on this site is published that isn’t the typical young model-type, then everybody goes “yuck”. Wake up America, this is the way most women in the real-outisde-Hollywood-world look like.

    By that rationale I have to say she’s fine for me.

    • Tesla

      yeah thats how most women who don’t do any physical activity look. and, she is disgusting to look at in these pictures.

      • lol wut?

        you have clearly never met a woman who doesn’t exercise. she’s got a couple problem areas, but overall i’d say she’s pretty trim. she’s definitely much more physically fit than the average american woman her age, in any case.

    • Chris

      That’s what fat frumpy women who don’t exercise and spend all their time being lazy look like. They marry fat frumpy men and have themselves a herd of fat frumpy little piglets. Sarah Silverman pretends like she isn’t one of those fat frumpy lazy women, you know? She pretends like she is hot.

  5. Hank E Ring

    I was hot for her until I saw these pictures. Maybe all I need is lots of beer?

  6. Waldo Jeffers

    her ass is normal for a 40 YEAR OLD woman, she isn’t 25, yeah it’s a tad flabby but it’s not that bad

    • Chris

      Since when do gyms, personal trainers, and dietitians close their doors to 40 year old millionaires? Her age is no excuse for having absolutely zero definition or muscle tone while pretending to be some sort of cute little 20-something debutant. She is just another typical lazy American fat ass, the only thing standing in the way of her and morbid obesity is a combination of her metabolism and probably an eating disorder.

  7. pass the dutch

    i would rather hear sarah silverman talk dirty then look at these pictures.

  8. Expert on Everything

    I love her I don’t give a shit posture. Mix that with her hilarious personality and wit and I’m in love/lust! She kicks ass and every man on earth would be running for this chick (Sara) once any bimbo with fake tits opens her mouth and only superficial surface empty uneducated stripper nonsense falls out. Show up to Mom’s with Sara and your the new favorite and listen to her because she knows whats best for you and it’s not audrina partridge!! But thats what leaving comments online is about. rippin on the people you’d shit your pants around if you were important enough to even matter.

  9. Rick's Daddy

    Moooooo! Sarah, baby, stop talking shit and work out..you are NOT in your 20′s anymore!

  10. StopYerWhinin

    Oh man (pressing face into hands) she has either let herself go or these were the first pic’s I have ever seen with wearing a bathing suit… Either way she’s gotten a bit on the cottage-cheesy side. Poor girl, no wonder she doesn’t like fat women jokes! Not to mention the bumps and dips on her backside. I’d still go down on her though…

  11. dumbarses

    You ppl are so stupid. If women arent photoshopped to death, bent over in ideal positions, and painted with gobs of makeup, you’ll find the vast majority on our earth to have pretty standard ‘girl next door’ qualities like these photos.

    No go back to masturbating on plasticy photoshops if you like, but don’t be surprised when your mom, sister, or girlfriend who works out religiously still has tons of celluite, shape, pimply, discoloration, etc defects – we’re human you tards.

  12. ME

    I think she looks like a real woman. She hasn’t had surgery. No fake boobs. no nose job, none of that. Guys, you like this funny witty chick before? She may have gained a little weight. 15 pounds MAX, but dang, would you dump you’re girlfriend for that???? WOW…

    If you want a fake girl go to LA, there at every corner… in every shopping… but they really do come a dime a dozen. Some of them even know that. If you want a real girl… choose her. She doesn’t look that bad, y’all? Harsh much???

  13. Dana


  14. TheK

    Most of these comments represent the legions of lonely, bitter, angry men out there. ie, George Sodini. There are a lot of them, and they always blame women for their complete inability to develop relationships with them.

  15. holy shitter

    good thing she’s paid to be funny. not everyone can be a teen supermodel

  16. monsterdrumma

    She is a bit od shaped yes but Sarah is hilarious and for me her personality wins out!

  17. chambermaid

    I hope this nasty flabby skin problem was necessary for her character

  18. Sam

    Why? Why? Why?
    Hit the gym fat-ass… Ooh, the flabby skin…. YAK!

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