1. Philshack


  2. Wow

    Holy fucking shit she has gone south.

    Crush officially over…although I am sure the ground makes somewhat of a crushing sound when she walks.

  3. Kazin

    Nice curves, Sarah!

  4. Nasty!

    Nasty !!

  5. burton

    she looks like a real woman near 40…because she is…wow, you guys are pricks…she has no fake parts, she is real, this happens get over it.

    • Chris

      yeah, a real woman that could get off the couch and benefit from a little resistance training.

      Go buy a set of dumbbells, frumpy.

  6. Ryance

    Wrong swimming suit, wrong color. Miss Silverman is an apple shaped woman LIKE SNOOKI hahaha, but a thin one.

  7. Jimmy Kimmel

    thats definitly my sloppy seconds….yikes…

  8. Cody

    I would lay those two to rest. No hesitation.

  9. Matt Damon

    I’m not fucking that.

  10. Chris

    She’d be fine if she did some crunches, lifted a few dumbbells, and maybe did a few squats a couple of times a week, i.e. if she were in shape she wouldn’t look like a typical frumpy tweaked out Mrs. Suburban nobody, and she doesn’t even have a husband or kids as an excuse to look like shit.

  11. Bo

    Roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.

  12. Jimjim

    God damn, I don’t what you fruits say, she looks damn good!

  13. froghammer

    Wow- she’s thicker than a shamrock shake.

  14. the stig

    hey thats hot for a comic

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