1. your mom

    You’re a genius, and I love you.

  2. “Slow Jams”… *chuckle, snort*

  3. guy rossi

    ” I DEMAND SOUL POLE UP IN MY HOLE(clap clap clap) !”
    “You betch ya!”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This is the best one.

  5. slappy magoo

    And I did it like this and that is why it was only a one-night stand. What did I do wrong, ladies? Yes, in three words: Too much teeth.

  6. SonicAlligator

    And you finished this off perfectly.

    I’m sure that’s what she said to him too.

  7. Ragu

    You’re a boss, Fish.

  8. Minako

    Posts like this are why I love you.

  9. gumption

    good stuff my man. And what is up with her hair? Horrible colors.

  10. Steve Rodgers

    The slow jams made me laugh at my desk. Good job getting me in trouble!

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