1. Raoul


  2. jeremy

    Hi very sexy and Beautiful Sarah Palin thank you i am such a Big fan of Her

  3. Rembert

    THANK YOU! I am SO glad to hear someone inaflly showing Sarah Palin for who she is. She may have started with good intentions, but you are absolutely correct she is nothing more now than a cog in the machine, spewing whatever it takes to get her on the ticket. When she did a reality TV show, that sealed it for me- how she can look herself in a mirror and feel good about how she sold out I can’t fathom. And when conservatives endorse her, it makes me want to scream out at the TV. Just cause she’s pretty the guys like Glenn Beck (who I actually really like) fawn all over her and it diminshes their credibility and the whole Tea Party/Conservative movement to have her branded as one of them.If they are worried about progressives infiltrating the movement- uh, DUH, look at her first . I would vote for you, Ron or Rand Paul, and I suspect so would allot of other people if they had the choice. God bless! Glad I found your site!

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