1. Cock Dr

    Hoo that’s a bad shot. She is appears quite the fatty here.
    Looks like Bristol has another bun in the oven……or she decided that daily dance rehearsals meant she could carb up as never before.

  2. Jimmy Jimereeno

    OH YEAH! It’s the Kool-Aid man!

  3. Any Guy

    publicist = fired. gotta tell porky to KEEP THE GUT SUCKED IN the entire time until you’re out of the camera shots.

  4. noooooooo

    Bristol – “Whew, where did I put my bag of McRib’s at again?”

  5. Mashara

    She force her to DWTS while pregnant?? That fame whore!

  6. Putting the Rough in romance

    Wow, that weight really did a # on her face. How do I take back my original comment?

  7. Mena

    Nice Double Chin there Shallow Hal

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