1. arnieblackblack

    She’s kinda homely lookin’. He aims low, he shoots, he scores. Classy Kutcher, very classy…

  2. Judge Ito

    On all charges accusing taternuts of scoring a dog I find the defendant NOT guilty.

  3. WTF

    He could have banged ANYONE on the planet and he settled for this?!? I’ve been girls WAAAAAAAY hotter than this skank AND I’M NOT EVEN FAMOUS!!!! Jesus!!! WTF was that boy thinking?!?

  4. peteyandjia

    Homely girls are a great fuck.

    BTW, peteyandjia is gay.

  5. Bonky

    These chicks are garbage, they’re throw away girls. If you are gonna cheat on your wife and you got big money you dont do it with one of these.

  6. WTF

    WTF is up with this bitch’s nose? She should take whatever money she gets from him and get that fucking trunk fixed. She reminds me of Sergio Aragone’s cartoon character Groo the Wanderer. If he settled for this bitch I’m afraid to see pictures of the others that he passed over.


    What a gold-digging skank HO. He must be c omplete retard to think that she would keep her trap shut. I’m sensing a new reality show in the works.

  8. Bob

    What’s wrong with her schnoz. Nom nom nom nom….

  9. hfgut

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  10. xtwwna

    What’s up with that busted up ugly nose of hers?? ICK!!

  11. SSHGuru

    When you’re married to Skeletor just about anything looks good.

  12. Didi

    fix your nose, girl!!! LOL

  13. Trading Demi for this is like showing up to a party with a boner in sweatpants.

  14. Mike Nike

    Hey would be stupid to cheat on Beautiful Mila Kunis with either of those ugly whores. Skanky ass bitches.

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