1. Motorboat man

    My Lord… thank you.

  2. brian

    If you don’t have a mess on your desk after looking at these, you’re obviously gay.

  3. The ultimate titty fuck. I hate every man who’s ever had sex with her because I haven’t.

  4. richie

    jesus christo!

  5. SexJihaad9/11

    Aaye caraamba! Iss mui grandé!

  6. Julio

    When we went to Montgomery last year, I got into a conversation with one of the clekrs in the souvenir shop, much to my son’s amused disgust. Apparently the mascot there is a biscuit eater . I pointed out that did not make sense as that would be bad for a biscuit (over-thinking, as my son pointed out) and tried to engage the clerk in a mini-symposium on the question. He was courteous and serious minded about it but unwilling (smart fellow) to engage this nut in front of him in such a fruitless discussion.Anyway, apparently that’s what it is-a biscuit eater-illogical though it may be.

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