1. You like this view? She looks even better from the front,

  2. Brit

    So now we know: An Englishman makes love using an ace bandage and a spray bottle.

  3. Englishmen make love in the ass. Usually with other Englishmen.

  4. The Dude

    Really? That needed a star over it?

  5. Dox

    “I’ve got the spray bottle Ms. Hayek. When I’m done, it’ll shine.”

  6. i’m not feeling it.

  7. That’s a very sexy Latin ass.

  8. Some Black Dude

    woman is damn near 50 and her ass and tits are still amzing. this is a sex goddess of a woman

  9. SM

    I always thought she had a hot body, but I also have always thought she looked hard and slightly mannish in the face. For her age, she looks amazing though. She has a better body at 47 than most women in their 30s.

  10. Skeeter

    Nice ass. I bet her asshole is gorgeous….especially for a 47 year old.

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