1. “Okay. Here we go. Take a deep breath and imagine she slowly starts to slip those – oh, fuck, I’m thinking about Bieber now!”


    Oh damn, that’s hot. WAY HOT.

    That water is clearly too hot. Where is the boy responsible for refreshing the ice in this bucket?!

  3. brick

    yep yep yep……. puts Julianne’s to SHAME.

  4. anonymous

    If Ryan went home with dat ass, Julianne’s knifing someone at the Lululemon.

  5. “I can’t believe there’s someone on my boat wearing a beige bikini top with a white bikini bottom. *sigh*

  6. tlmck

    To heck with Seacrest, we need more pics of this girl.

  7. Candy

    Can we just talk about how that is Bella Hadid… she’s not even 18

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