1. Cardinal Fang

    nice inner side tit

  2. poopsmith

    awesome side boob

  3. Der Sprinkler

    I’d run down a cheetah naked across the Serengeti and bitch slap it for just 5 minutes with those amazing life affirming beauties…

  4. Ally

    Ryan is too good for Scarlett – he seems like such a nice, down to earth guy while she comes across as a pretentious, stuck-up b*tch

  5. linds

    great boobs, yes. but I hate homewreckers.

  6. Tyler Perry

    Fish, you’ve validated your love for this chick with this pic right here. Amazing tit shot that really shows the size and awesome scope of those babies.

  7. Ken

    I didn’t even know who Blake Lively was until I saw these breasts. And now I know.

  8. Jimbo

    Damn Blake Lively…that rack of yours..

  9. What’s all this about Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo? I thought this was a post about Blake Lively side boob…

  10. equinox

    Something Stepford about her. Got that wanting to grow up into Gwyneth Paltrow funk.

    Yes, I would do her (before I was married and therefore emascu…ummm, domesticated.

    No, she wouldn’t be near the top of my list of celebrity fantasies (if I was pathetic enough to compile such a list, in Excel and Access, rating by various physical features, perceived personality traits and willingness to exploit looks in sleazy and inventive ways for career advancement, and update them daily depending on what the internets tell me).

  11. kingofbeer

    *slap knee* hot damn nice side! /hoooooowwooooooo

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