1. Montana`

    Man I HATE Russel Simmons, and I don’t even know what he’s famous for. I wonder why? (Sigh) I must be a racist.

    • Most racists are idiots first. So you do show the traits. Any jackass that knows music or comedy knows who Russell or his brother is. But like I said… You do show the traits. Idiot!

  2. Sandoucheky

    This. Mother. Fucker.

  3. That stomach is growing at an alarming rate…from frame to frame it grows like a terrible beast.

  4. Michael

    Spell “red”.


    Or however Beetlejuice spells it.

  5. EZ-B

    “Listen: when you fuck me, pull my hair like this. Both hands. And HARD. I just want you to get your money’s worth.”

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