1. Ben

    She’s wearing nothing yet ‘pitting’ hard!

    • Gin&Tonic

      that’s the power of The Russel for you right there! Makes the naked ladies ‘pit and the clothed ladies go CRAAAAAAZY!!!

  2. She’s wearing a mini-dress, thong panties, and nothing else, and yet she still manages to look more dressed up than Russell Simmons.

  3. cuddles

    Is that sweat or are we supposed to be having sex with armpits now?

    • She wouldn’t be sweating so profusely if the lights weren’t up high enough to see through her dress. Lose the sweat and you lose the see-through.

  4. Lord of the Ass

    You just know he’s going to bang her so damn hard in her tight, sweet, pink asshole when he gets her home… with that big, black, bad-boy cock of his.

  5. Jester

    I think her left nipple is trying to get a look at that pit stain

  6. Kitty

    i think her nipple is sweating too, if you are going to wear a dress like this you need to be super duper careful… but escorts don’t understand that….

  7. Oh, honey. Stop tugging at the hem. Le chat est sorti du sac.

  8. Anderson Pooper

    Sweaty skank. Shop it out while you still got it, because shame doesn’t pay the bills forever.

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