1. taking someone’s property from their person by force is called “robbery”. If Chris Brown had done this, everyone would want him arrested…oh wait.

  2. no more moving ads

    where is New Orleands?

  3. cubegleamer

    Fame. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

    • It's Fake

      You’ll notice the phone is fake, much like this incident entirely. Infact you’ll see in the in the next few photos that the fake phone falls apart as he holds in his hand.

  4. turd da third

    I hope it was an iPhone,,, hate those crappy things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now he can get a real phone.

  5. Bigalkie

    What a poser. He calls the paps. I wonder how much his publicist paid this phony pap to act distraught when tough guy Russell Brand steals his phone. A broken window, that would add a couple hundred to the bill.

  6. hi

    the funniest thing? It looks like he’s laughing all the time.

  7. Mrs. Salt

    Last Friday night…Russell was a major hoe. He stole another loser’s phone. Last Friday night.

  8. Shia Le Douche

    “Give me back my dignity!”

  9. Jack

    I like this photo because it illustrates the immense stress built up from suppressing his sexual identity. The clasped hands and raised up shoulders express his inability to cope with his surroundings and his need to protect himself from harm. Fear is what dominates Russell Brand, fear seen here manifested in anger.

  10. NOI

    I thought it was a hobo

  11. DumbOnion

    Its New Orleans…Murder Capital of the world….as a proud resident i would have loved to add death place of Russel Brand….Damn It.

  12. prissy

    hmm…appears to be staged.

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