1. poop

    God I love her boobs.

  2. Miles Long


  3. I don’t know how I feel about her face. Hahaha.

  4. sos

    I’m a straight female and I just don’t see what is so attractive about this girl to guys… I really don’t.

    • 1990

      I am also a straight female and I can see exactly why Katy Perry appeals to men. She is absolutely stunning, her figure is real.

  5. Fuxy

    her skin is probably nice underneath all that powder fake skin cake mask and gummy sticky lipstick. its probably so stressful for a person who’s livelihood depends on being hot when you’re just masquerading as a hot person

  6. Ivor

    Sexy stature, Cocolover? Tell me more. You and your crazy hot photos intrigue me.

  7. hellcat

    Surely it is just a mole or a sunspot. Nobody is perfect. That’s ok, right?

  8. f*ck2rock2

    tig ol’ bitties

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