1. Kat


  2. Amy

    I clicked through to make you happy, Fish. But seriously, if you want us to click through, show hot British guys, like David Beckham (as long as he doesn’t talk) and not greasy, skinny British guys like Russell Brand. I will allow all Latin guys in their underwear, as long as Madonna is not in the same picture.

    And that, my friend, is what women want. (Ignore Mel’s claim that it’s giving BJs followed by hate sex and crying. That’s actually a myth.)

  3. Morgan

    I agree with Amy, Latin dudes and David Beckham.

  4. Nameless

    He’s still sexy…I love him.

    and Latin guys? Meh .. and David Beckham, I have to pretend he’s not a whiney, preppy bitch, and then he’s hot.

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