1. Chris

    he looks gay

  2. shorty

    it’s the socks that really get me. right. there.

  3. Juliette

    I don’t think he counts as a dude. He is more like a manly woman. ie. no hair on his body other than his head/face. He’s even shaped more like a woman.


  4. g_girl

    This is not sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Obvious

    He takes perrys hotnes down at least 2.5 points

  6. Amanada

    Killjoys. I think this is hilarious and kinda hot. He’s poised, and pretty much *posed* like any model would be, with the sun hitting him just right and every inch of him in a flattering position, right down to his feet. But instead of a booby girl, he’s a hairless man, wearing y-fronts and knee-high black socks. Oh he knows what he’s doing.

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