1. Kelce

    Quagmire and his transgendered date.

  2. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    If this pair hasn’t been introduced to Mommy’s surgeon yet, there is probably a reason.

    I have a feeling that every morning, after bolting on a fresh pair of titties and begging Ashton to not get caught cheating on her this time, Demi looks into the mirror and repeats 100 times: “I will NOT let my daughters get more attractive than me.”

  3. Frank

    When are we going to hear the truth that Jay Leno was visiting the Moore residence in the early 90s?

  4. einstein

    I think Bruce Willis is hot. His features don’t make for an attractive female though. Large face, small features..not a good mix.

  5. reformed_druid

    These two could each have a sex change and it still wouldn’t help.

  6. senpai

    elongated huge faces are huge!

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