1. What a very cruel thing to write about the Willis girls. They look perfectly fine to me. And if they don’t look fine to the writer of that nasty caption, how is it their fault? They’re human beings with feelings. They hurt just as bad as people who don’t have superstars for parents. What a sad world we live in where two young women are insulted in print for merely walking down the street.

    • Hey Hick Fuck You!

      They hurt just as bad as kids without celebrity parents? Are you fucking serious? Rumor Willis wouldn’t make it as a porn fluffer if she didn’t have celebrity parents whose influence got her, or should I say “it” work. Do you know what that little potato headed freak would be doing right now if she had average parents? She would be working on a road crew, and her sister would be right next to her. Hell, they both look pretty sturdy. They might have been good at it.

  2. TGNY

    Is it me or dothey have the biggest jawbones I have ever seen on a woman

  3. They have never been cute girls. They have money for plastic surgery so hello whats up fix your faces!!!!! LOL

  4. aeam

    Rumer and Scout look pretty!

  5. elizabeth loan

    Freaking hilarious! They are rather hideous.

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