1. Byaaaaah

    Looks like Chaz is giving womanhood another shot..

  2. handyr

    That’s John Goodman in a dress.

  3. Hey Hick Fuck You!

    Holy shit I’m blind.

  4. steel magnolia

    I imagine they look just like Demi did before her surgeries.

  5. flatspottin'

    I am still 100% certain that is a man in the pink.

  6. Ugly Jerk

    That Wayans brothers movie where they pretend to be rich white girls just got 100% more believable.

  7. Ismoss

    Bruce and Demi both should be sterilized, no way to know whos got the equine genes.

  8. Broseph

    Why is that man wearing a pink dress?

  9. I keep trying to adjust my screen and nothing seems to be working

  10. TennisNurse

    I vote for sterilization as well!

  11. Bruce

    What do you get when you cross Demi Moore with Bruce Willis?? An ugly rumor..what do you get when you squish your ass cheeks together?? Rumor Willis,s face

  12. toni

    Aside from people that love to be mean about there comments , I’m just wondering why Rumer doesn’t look like the same person that I see singing and drastic behavior that is so unlike her and what’s up with her british accent. So, will the real Rumer stand up ?

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