1. As long as I don’t have to look at that face, I would.

  2. finster

    Serious question. What does this person do for a living? Is she an actor? Does she do commercials? Or is she one of these whoring reality stars?


    lol @ the desperation.

    • I don’t think she’s desperate. Clearly she has a special someone in her life who has convinced her that she looks great. Otherwise how could she ever leave the house?

  4. poop

    I love it. Forehead to nose = Demi. Nose to chin = Bruce. Genetics really are 50/50.

  5. Scroll down the screen so her head is out of view… much better.

  6. Not going to lie. I would nail her in a heartbeat and brag about it. That body is smokin’ hot!

  7. Magenta Pubic Hair?

  8. …she’s the one with the hot little bubble-butt, right? all these pictures day after day are actually starting to desensitize me to her localized acromegaly (trademark), she’s growing on me. (like her jaw *rimshot*)

  9. donkeylicks

    Die Hard With A Vaginence

  10. Bob

    Even though she’s got her mom’s body (and probably had her jaw reshaped to give her face a leaner appearance)…she still looks too much like her dad for me to be turned on.

  11. She has my attention, I would probably have sex with her now.

  12. Lou

    I think she looks great! She’s not photogenic but when she smiles she’s gorgeous. Give her a break!

  13. rican

    She definitely has the legs, but I wonder if she’s mature enough to take on Sara Jessica Parker. I mean, maybe for the shorter races, but the 1.5 miles of Belmont…

  14. Ralph

    She could be a stable mate of Sarah Jessica Parker. Nehhhh.

  15. Ralph

    Her pink crotch shot is a nice touch.

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