1. SIN

    Well, not a bad body but still not enough to distract us from that face.

  2. Haley Joel Osment syndrome.

  3. It’s like one of those famous optical illusions: are the boobs in front of the face, or is the face in front of the boobs? The chin skews any chance of perspective.

  4. rantatonne

    YippieeKaNAY! Would rather f the moth…eh, step-mother!!

  5. oldfool

    The top says Jr High, the bottom says Grandma.

  6. Eve

    Oh, no, she committed the crime of not having gigantic hooters! Let’s all make fun of her online!

  7. Tron

    Body by Nautilus, swimsuit by grandma, and face by Picasso.

  8. shitforbrains

    you know, hawaii in general and maui in particular sure loses out on a lot of publicity when the paps take the photos and blur the backgrounds so you can’t see where these people (the rich and famous and FABuLOUS) are staying or what they’re doing.

    I mean, you’ve got a celebrity. you’re on maui. take a pic with some ‘background’ in it and give somebody a boost!

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