1. Damion

    gotta go with megan

  2. Gio

    Megan’s face is the perfect creation of her plastic surgeon, but Rosie has that ugly-pretty thing going for her. I really like that. Does that mean I’m damaged?

    • don

      Rosie has surgeon written all over her face too… Too bad she did not end up as well as Megan.

      • erica

        rosies face is real, ive seen pictures of her when she was like 5 years old obviously she didnt get surgery then and her lips were that big,
        id go with rosie, because you know what magen is stunning, but shes almost too perfect, perfect is boring, i like that ugly pretty thing too, something that makes you wanna keep on looking, i would say magen is more classically beautiful, but rosie is more interesting and unique

  3. Ponkur

    Take a good look at this picture and tell me that’s not a man.

  4. lola

    LOL! I think she’s beautiful, don’t care what anybody else says.

  5. Wotwot

    She’s got a thick neck or a small head… I can’t decide which.

  6. Ahhhh!

    Get it away!! Creepy replacement barbie!

  7. Nik

    It looks like a transexual dressed as Cameron Diaz.

  8. james

    wow you kidding me right?
    megan might be a very poor actress
    but at least she is hot
    this new bitch looks like a fckn tranny

  9. Mikallah

    Megan. Shes way prettier than Rosie. Somethings wrong with Rosie’s face. It looks like her top lip got ran over and her nose is weird looking. Rosie looks like a tranny, no offence.

  10. Gino

    Megan all the way. Rosie’s the definition of butter face. Plus, she’s got a kind of man-thing going on. Completely agree that it’s tran-erific.

  11. anonim

    rosie is so sexy

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