1. just stunning (heart)

  2. don

    this girl is sad. someone give her a cheesegurger please!!!

  3. cuppy

    Megan Fox at the 2008 premiere = way hotter than both these premieres. Lrn2google, PhotoBoy.

  4. LordAtama

    I prefer pre-surgery Megan Fox to anything in the pictures of suggested in the thread.

  5. bird

    there’s no comparison. megan fox is way hotter than this dude.

  6. i am a straight female so i wont be judging with my one eyed monster lol. I think Megan Fox is exotically sexy and beautiful. Rosie is of course incredibly beautiful…but too pretty. She makes the transformers movie look fake. Why on earth will a girl that looks like that fall in love with shia lol. Plus Megan reeks of sex appeal and just omg she is sexy lol.

    thanks lmao

    • erica

      like omg lol like omg lmfao lmao!!! haha

    • erick

      same with megan, way less believable. Sam was a nerd in high school, why would the hottest girl in school go out with him. now in the 3rd movie Sam is a grown man he is out of his awkward stage and his is sexy now. Sam and carly were 10x more believable. anyone could see that unless your not out of your awkward stage.

  7. Shia is such an insult to view when Megan is on screen.

  8. Vivi

    There is NO competition. As much as I dislike Megan, I’m all for her in this. She has incredible sex appeal whereas Rosie – I just want to punch in the face. Sorry.

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