1. LadyLynna


  2. bird

    dude in drag

  3. Yep

    This isn’t even fair. Have you seen how much plastic surgery Megan Fox has done to her face? Looks like an old woman, like a 50-year-old cougar. Rosie is gorgeous, naturally. And so was Fox before she fucked up her face.

  4. Jamsko

    Definitely with Megan Fox on this one. Don’t care for the trashy looking tattoos, but Rosies face sort of resembles Dolph Lundgren. Foxes face I can at least deal with even after the plastic surgery.

  5. Aly

    Hmm…Rosie’s dress and body…and hair, but Megan’s face…Rosie’s nose and lips…although are sexy, are really also a bit scary. She looks like she’s suffering from a punch in the face with that puffiness…I know it’s natural, but it’s not coo’!

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