1. cheeri-o

    Megan Fox wins hands down.. dark haired girls are so much sexier than blondes.

  2. Jordan

    Hands down Megan Fox. Rosie isnt good looking at all to be honest.

  3. Maximus

    Megan Fox by a wide margin.

  4. Ho.Lee.Shit

    I think Rosie HW is fucking gross. Megan FTW.

  5. bob

    It’s retarded how much hotter Megan is

  6. Dominique

    megan hands down

  7. McFeely Smackup

    Megan over the bobble-head by a fvckin MILE!!!

  8. hellz

    Shes getting a gunt!

  9. emily

    megan fox is waaaay sexier than rosie AND a better actress. no doubt about it. MEGAN FOX ALL THE WAY

  10. Aria

    Megan is sooo sexy,hot,pretty. Rosie looks kinda boring,like of course she is a model, but have you seen her without make up? nothing special, Megan is special. + Rosie acts even worse than Megan.haha, Michael Bay you could not choose worse actress.

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