1. Problem?


  2. TurboZinger

    Walter Matthau has seen better days, to be sure!

  3. Bodhaiii

    Is it me or does he look like a young Nixon?

  4. Problem?


    I think he does.

  5. sotd

    dudes hands look kinda real on damage, but wtf with that face, shit looks fake. um yeah, get into a fight and see if your shit looks like that after a juice heads bangs you in the face at least twice. wtf is that bright red shit that doesnt even look like redness from a slap. it looks like paint and bullshit. im just gonna call fake overall. shenanigans

  6. Brianne

    I wish he would get his ass kicked. He has got to be one, if not the most pompous ugly guys I have ever seen. Nothing is worse than a guy that cocky, who is freakin hidious!

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