1. schmotze

    pauley shore.

  2. Jill_Ess

    Looks like he ate a big’a plate’a spaghetti to dull the pain.

  3. jack-eyyy

    all I thought when I saw this was “Yayyyyyyyyy!!!”

  4. Colin

    Look at this guy. Despite having spray painted abs, he’s still a butter-faced fat-ass. I mean, he looks pregnant here.

  5. Ponkur

    Doesn’t his stupid hamster face always look like this?

  6. Ed

    Apparently The Situation is pregnant with embarrassment.

  7. bday55

    Thats red makeup you idiots, remember it’s a TV show for idiots?

  8. Asoto

    Ronnie got The Situation pregnant?!

  9. Double D

    I assume the hoodie is to hide the damage Ronnie did when he donkey punched the Sitch in the back of the head during one of their sweet, sweet guido love making sessions.

  10. fapappy

    The Bitchwhoainthin

  11. Sassy

    That looks like carpet burn to me. Guess Ronnie forgot to manscape before their “fight”.

  12. sotd

    i mean i dont know the deal, but if your gonna fake a fight, at least make it look decent mtv. you limey fucks! haha

  13. Dan

    This looks like makeup or photoshopped for publicity?

  14. JD

    The situation looks a little like Russell Crow here, but much more stupid.

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