1. jim

    I have no idea why, but I think she’s so pretty in this picture, ugh, I used to make fun of her, but she’s aging well?

  2. Grier

    Kristen deserves what she gets she cheated and it wasn’t out of boredom because the photos show her enjoying herself by pressing up her bum into Rupert’s crotch and they are both smiling. It’s one thing to cheat with a taken man because his adult partner will be able to make sense of it in a mature way. BUT a man with YOUNG children is so unacceptable because children are so naive and innocent that they have no idea how to process what is happening and can easily be carried away by their emotional response to the situation they can’t deal or handle this news positively Kristen is a monster to cause a huge episode of trauma in innocent kids life that can scar them no wonder her name has the word WART how appropriate the man upstairs knew what he was doing when the wart was named

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