1. Minty

    I’m not french, but from my limited knowledge of the language, isn’t that a play on “belle fleur” beautiful flower? I’m pretty sure this was done intentionally as a play on words. Any french speakers, please correct me if I’m wrong!

    • van

      rebelle fleur means rebellious flower. To be grammatically correct in French for this meaning, it would be ‘fleur rebelle’
      It could also mean belle fleur (beautiful flower).

  2. JC

    To be perfectly correct in French, we should read Fleur rebelle (rebel flower). We put the adjective after the noun. But it’s not wrong (but maybe my English is, so sorry if so). :-)

  3. Hh

    Hmm. Not awfully wrong but not correct either. It doesn’t sound good nor fluent to say “rebelle fleur” instead of “fleur rebelle”. So… FAIL Rihanna.

  4. Muh

    It’s a play on words. It makes no difference how it should be in French, as the second the tattooist added the “re” it stopped being French.

  5. isalou

    I’m french, and like some of you said… the spelling isn’t wrong, but it should be “fleur rebelle” and not “rebelle fleur”!!! lol

  6. Dank

    It’s obviously meant to be french but she took it further and added re to it. Wrong no. Retarded, hell yes.

    • Yes

      I trust you, person who obvs smokes pot, to tell me what is grammatically correct… in French.

      it’s not wrong, it’s just American.

    • I'm with stupid

      Hey Retard, Rebel in french is Rebelle (feminine form), so she didn’t just add re to it. She obviously wanted to translate rebel flower to french but she got it backwards, like some already mentionned. Now she need my one-eyed snake deep in her poophole.

    • I'm with stupid

      Oh, and i’m french btw, fucktard !

  7. eatme

    “belle fleur” is a very well known french phrase that translates to “beautiful flower”.

    Adding the “re” to “belle”, one would expect it to translate to “rebel flower”, but because of the way french works, where adjectives go after the noun they qualify, it actually translates to “flower rebel”.

    But isn’t “good” an adjective too? Shouldn’t “belle fleur” technically translate to “flower beautiful” rather than “beautiful flower”? yup.

    So, quit getting all technical and shit and when you order your “croissant” in the morning with your coffee, don’t pronounce it like you are French, because you aren’t.

    • V

      There are exceptions to the rule. “belle/beau” go before the noun, just like “grand/petit.” There are a few others that follow this exception as well.

  8. isalou

    There’s no adding the “re”…. rebelle is a french word….

  9. Crack is whack

    Wow, my French translation was way off! I thought it said “roll in flour.”

  10. Dan Montana

    KInd of stupid to get a permanent stupid tatoo and not consult with a french person lol…what an ass! Twehn again shes an american! Retard!

  11. DaWiz

    Actually I did an online translation through World Lingo. Using rebelle fleur, it translated from French to English “Rebel Flower.” Either word can be a NOUN in either language. Great research guys!

    • p

      Rebel and Flower can both be nouns — and adjectives. But when you pair words like this in English, “Rebel” becomes an adjective (i.e. it describes “Flower” — the noun in this case). The same rules apply in French (capital F for names of languages, everyone). The correct translation would be “Fleur Rebelle.”

  12. likwidshoe

    The seventeen comments above summarized: it looks stupid to French people. For an American, it fits.

  13. Daile

    Ok french is my mothertongue and “rebelle fleur” is definitely wrong. It should be “Fleur rebelle” which mean Rebel Flower. You just can’t put rebelle before fleur… nobody would say that, it’s a non sense. Ça ne se dit pas! She should have gone in a tattoo place where people actually speak frech!

  14. Reebok74

    Doesn’t matter it works for her; tattoos are open for interpretation…and if she wants it to mean Rebel Flower then that’s what it is…when you ink it on your back you write it how you want to! she wasn’t writing a speech for the President, damn…under a microscope let her sneeze sound wrong …it will be a blog next….lol

  15. confused

    well how do you say Priceless Beauty & Rebel Beauty in French?

  16. Jodie

    I don’t speak French but I am finding the debate quite interesting. :) Am I right in thinking that “rebelle” can function as both an adjective and a noun in French, the same way as “rebel” can in English? But whatever the usage, it should be “fleur rebelle”, not “rebelle fleur”?

    Shows how much attention I was paying in French lessons, as I thought you couldn’t use it as an adjective, the way you can in English. I suppose there’s always the possibility that the tattoo is, in itself, rebellious. That’s probably pushing it a bit though.

    Still, as others have said, this is Rihanna’s tattoo and what it says is her business. Even if she knew it was incorrect to start with and just preferred the way that “Rebelle Fleur” sounded, that’s fine. But she shouldn’t be trying to claim that it’s correct when it’s not, that just seems a bit disrespecful to me. You’ve got to know the rules before you break them, so she really should have run the text past a professional translation agency first.

  17. Jennifer

    Wow… All yall wrong. Its her perfume line that its for. Rebel Flower. Shes from barbados, French is one of the languages spoken there. I think she knew what she was doing when she did it.

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