1. shia labeouf lover

    frstttt !!!!!!!

  2. shia labeouf lover

    hahahha!! im first bitchesss !!! wtf does it say ??

  3. shia labeouf lover is retarded

    “belle fleur” means beautiful flower, and one can only assume she had a play on words saying “(beautiful) rebel flower”.

    *shia labeouf lover, it defeats the purpose of being first if you’re also second. And you’re second to boast about being first. So… you’re retarded.

  4. genevieve

    being french canadian I can tell you that spelled like that, it also makes sense. Of course it sounds better to say “fleur rebelle”, but it’s not wrong to say it the other way around.
    Talk about a slow day in gossip world!

  5. eww

    Instead of “rebelle flour” it could say “rebelle cocoa” and at least be somewhat descriptively accurate.

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