1. clem

    they be some comments here

  2. MrsWrong

    Yeah, I see what has happened here. It is like the good parts being cut when they run a good movie on TV, blurring the bad guy on COPS, and there being a black box online(hehehe…I’m gonna go back to my older posts and see if I can fit an airplane joke in there somewhere). So, I think if you refer to picture 29 you will see the point where she is telling the pap she invited to Barbados to stop filming….that way she could have her fish dinner and O.R.G the rest of the night…

  3. bob

    it’s going to be hard to beat off to this chick knowing she has aids now

  4. Sequoia

    I am not sure whether to pity her or to feel disgust. she just seems like a total idiot. Always pulling at her private parts and acting like she is the sauciest girl in the world. What a waste of human flesh!!

  5. php opdrachten

    Leuk verwoord en uitgeschreven. Heb het gelijk doorgestuurd naar een vriend, hij was hiernaar opzoek! Mooie site trouwens!

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