1. duder

    Dino boobs? Or Chris Brown skid marks?

  2. lily

    LOL cool make up, but unfortunate fembot shaped boobs

    • Jess

      This is what happens when we live in a society where chic walking down the street owns a pair of bolt-ons.
      We forget what REAL boobs look like.
      For shame.

  3. CK

    I’ve liked dinosaurs my whole life. And yet this doesn’t turn me on.

  4. Ollie


  5. The Royal Penis

    Her boobies like look frosted birthday cake topping.


  6. rospo

    at this point even her ptero-vagina would’nt surprise me.

  7. Nambla

    Looks like child porn

  8. RoughWobbles

    Things for this new season of V are definitely looking up

  9. Q.

    grow up ! it was something for her video, if you was a star (which u not) making money like her( which you not) you would the same. grow up.

  10. Tony

    I once had a hot date with a beautiful girl I met in New Orleans. Everything was great until we hit the sack. Then I found out what it was like to have sex with someone whose tits felt like lumps of concrete, visible scars. Except that I couldn’t even get it up. I could not believe how such a nice girl had ruined her body like this.

    Give me a real woman any day, any size, any shape. True beauty is universal, it doesn’t need a surgeon.

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