1. WTF

    Why does she always have to look so gross?
    Heck she might as well put an arrow pointing to her vagina since she so desperately wants someone to fuck her.

  2. Burl

    The guy above has GOT to be an idiott. I will sure volunteer to fuck her every day for the rest of my life!

  3. The guys talking shit are OBVIOUSLY gay or used to fat tittied chicks. Rihanna is hot as fuck.

  4. Pimp

    The first comment HAS to be a girl . Rihanna is sexy . 5’10 and lightskinned . A very attractive tall girl with a slim figure .

  5. Name

    I like the reptile breast thing. I also think that Rihanna is not classically beautiful but she is sexy and lovely in her own way.

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