1. Juliana

    I’m sorry but that is so not a fresh tattoo… Maybe she had it done a couple of weeks ago. But that is not ink that was put there before the photos were taken…

  2. asdf

    It’s possible that’s just a “marker” for a future possible tattoo, also. Parlors often put a temporary template up to see how people like the ink before getting it done.

  3. 16MPG

    That’s not a tattoo. It’s a bruise. Seeing that Brown boy still, Rihanna?

  4. Jay

    I like how this bitch tries to act like she’s hood.

  5. patrick bateman

    It’s not a tattoo, it’s the stencil tattoo artists put on before actually giving the tattoo. It means she chickened out.

  6. Amber

    yeah, thats def. not a tattoo.

    publish some better celeb news..this is lame. lol

  7. Oliver

    Totally hoaxed this one

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