1. Misana

    haha.. Love it

  2. Fish Is Angry Inside

    nice regrowth showing.

  3. Rae

    to rihanna smoking a blunt you think your cool your not your a bad role model for our kids you sure not carry any brains up stairs it dont make you cool just kill a few brain cells be a better role model have a little class

  4. DifficultBrown

    Punctuation and grammar are so not sexy these days, uh? Back to school, then you talk..

  5. Weed and buttsex…hmmm…do I smell a Rhianna/Sinead O’connor collaboration coming up? Do I? Seriously, do I? Because something smells like shit in here.

  6. Sorry but that’s not a blunt. It’s a cigarillo or tobacco rolled with “high leaf”

  7. A

    good for her! We should be able to do this wherever the fuck we please. and if its in front of a spectacular sunset then it should just be expected.

  8. BAHAH

    Rihanna trying so hard to be a rebellious badass. Too late, Chris Brown already kicked your ass.

    • Jen

      yes Rihanna being beaten by some poor excuse for a man has so much to do with her trying to have a good time…pretty ignorant. Only a coward will beat someone who cant defend themself & that is your ASSUMPTION she’s trying to be rebellious..and we all know what ASSUMING does!

    • ciblack

      u sound dumb as hell. ur such a loser for this comment. get a life!

  9. Ash

    U guys are pathetic really…who the fuck cares is she is smoking a blunt? the lady is old enough to live her life, so let her live it. Just because she is famous doesn’t mean she mean she cant do what she wants just like some of u posting ridiculous comments like u got no damn life.

  10. Jesus. Leave her alone. It’s bud for God’s sake. God made Bud man made beer Who do you trust? Poor girl never has any personal time w.o a camera watching her every move.

  11. ciblack

    she looks so relaxed. thats why i love her cuz she dnt give a fuck what ppl think she just do her.

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