1. Oh yes. There will be masturbation tonite. — Water bottle guy.

  2. “Look at this. Look at it! Look at that ass! BE that ass!”

  3. Elf

    “Was this what it had come to,” Rihanna thought. “Doing gangbangs on a roof in Hollywood Hills. “I had so many plans,” Rihanne contemplated, while the fluffer showed a photo of what the next scene should look like. Not until Bruno, the stereotypical black porn guy, started pulling her hair she thought about the task at hand. No use putting if off anymore. Just relax and let Joe give her the enema. The water bottle was already filled up and ready to go.

  4. “I’ve never given anyone an enema before. If someone doesn’t explain it to me I’m afraid I may just shove it in her ass.”

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