1. Motorboat Captain

    Somebody help me out here – what’s the appeal?

  2. pixigoil

    This is such an unappealing photo. I blame the photographer.

  3. Scott

    That’s not a gun pointed at her tit, that’s the inflation tube that you blow in to fill them up.

  4. jimmycrackcorn

    sorry, not in my top 10 ladies

  5. Bubba

    When did vulgar and slutty equal sexy?

  6. Dominique

    @Cartman If she is not your cup of tea thats fine but why must skin color play a factor in everything. Racism will never die.

  7. Dominique

    By the way I don’t find the photos particularly sexy either but its not bc shes black. They just look creepy to me

    • Elaine

      White people are so used to being the center of everything, that when the limelight is taken off them, they have a hissy fit. Which other race, uses themself as the standard of perfection for everything? Narcissism is your biggest problem. Stop thinking that everyone wants to look or be like you. Rihanna is beautiful to many people. Keep your stick figures. We people of color love her!

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