1. Jade

    It is totally cute how they planned their outfits together, both having their asses hanging out.

  2. that is call love

  3. they are beyond ghetto

  4. How did she get Gwyneth Paltrow’s ass away from the French?

  5. Dear black people of the world, basketball shorts are not meant for the beach, They make these things called swim trunks, buy some.

  6. bi chick

    I am so disappointed in Rihanna’s flat ass…wtf? I thought she had a nice bubble?

  7. I'tsAllHowYouStand?

    who is that ??
    where is Rihannas’ butt

  8. RichPort

    Chris Brown looks like he was the first one to fall asleep drunk around a box of markers and a pack of fucked up friends…

  9. hood rat. She will O.D. in a bathtub one day.

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