1. crabby old guy

    Covering up that fivehead? Check
    Mouth open – but not singing? Check
    Showing off the boobies? Check

    Yup, this IS the best photo of her – EVER.

  2. The Pope

    “ABCDEFGHIJKLMLO….dammit almost got ‘em all!”

  3. “I’d hit that”, said Chris Brown.

  4. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp!

  5. Haylee

    this is for Crop Over festival in barbados, and this is how everyone behaves. It’s carnival!!!!!!!!! dance n drink whole day, whole night pon d island!!!!!!!!!!!! normal normal

  6. the beautiful rihanna is having a blast in her home town where nothing but nice soca music and drinks flow whole day in the streets of Barbados to end the celebrations of cropover.So all the haters should come to this lovely island and experience the vibe and step off de damn woman and realize she is the hottest thing right now,so thank God she aint bus it brazilian style.

  7. Lo

    Jeezz those things on her arms look super uncomfortable!

  8. Gala


  9. BellyFullOfBeer


  10. GangaMaipaRegularFucker

    Fucking Beauty.

  11. cloie

    omg my bf just made out with me crap

  12. nahhbicthitsme

    omged whats up with her fukin hair

  13. nahhbicthitsme

    am leasening to her song right now

  14. Alexandre

    I atacully really like the fact that we get to pick and choose which post we want to see. Commenting is also a lot easier now. I don’t get the issue with the font color. The site looks great, better than ever.

  15. Sprmcandy


  16. Ana

    Awful bitch, how terrible

  17. jenine

    she is a skanky whore no wonder Chris beat her she aks like a 2 bit 50 cent slut

    • rihannanavy

      its crazy how u come and call her a skanky whore maybe because u are tired of people tellin u that youre one so u come and try to make somebody else feel bad

  18. Who cares… Let her have fun. I can’t think of many people, who if in her position (young and rich) wouldn’t do the same.

  19. David R

    I approve of this photo.

  20. jack King

    This lips were made for BJs.

  21. Mary

    Have another drink, RiRi

  22. mike

    she looks so sexy looks good enough to eat

    • hater

      go ahead….and while your at it i have some dog crap in my yard that needs cleaned up, start eating that first, it probably tastes the same

  23. mark

    this is it

  24. shit

    you dont get it…its carnaval everyone does that and acts crazy you idiots. shutup

    • HaHaHa

      Really everyone dresses and acts like trash during this carnival? This is how Riri normally acts at least now she’s got company.

  25. hater

    ugly b@itch

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