1. Rihanna’s never looked better. Bring your friend too, girl.

  2. Bajan Snob

    Kadooment Day is the main celebration day out of the Crop-over festival/carnival. Most west indian islands have a carnival. They all have ‘mas’ (masquerade) costumes. As for the cup, when you play mas with a band there is all inclusive alcohol. Hence the Banks beer cup. Hands off my culture please.

    • Mandy

      This may be your culture and that’s cool to masquerade and have have fun with beer and parades (I have Mardi Gras) but when you have girl on girl action in the middle of the parade in skimpy outfits, drunk, on a float not cool. They don’t even do that in Brazil when Carnival season is upon them.

      • me

        Have you been to Brazil?? This is decent compared to the orgy-fest that goes on down there..and its not just girl on girl…its trany on girl and boy and dog and tree and whatever is available.

      • boop

        Who gives a fuck? She looks like she’s having a good time..And so is everyone else. That’s what counts.


    You NEVER go ass to mouth.

  4. mike

    funk·y 2 (fngk)
    adj. funk·i·er, funk·i·est
    b. Having a strong, offensive, unwashed odor.

    this. this picture goes here.

  5. Sodomy_Is_For_Girls

    Human Ragnorak.

  6. Rihanna eats ass? *I’m in love*

  7. dfajklweef

    omfg yese single greatest picture on the internet

  8. ben dover

    That’s hot

  9. fOOgAzEE

    Is that someone’s face under her ass???
    Somebody’s been sitting on strangers’ faces LOL

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