1. Visible

    She’s still quite chunky in the gut and thighs, and no collar bone visible unless she leans forward. Not good. All that alcohol she will be fat again in no time. Look what alcohol did to Cheryl Burke of DWTS: she’s a knee-less blob of fat who gets out of breath fast and can no longer be picked up by her partners anymore!

    • Kat

      You have some major issues. Seriously, girls and women don’t need to be stick thin and have visible collarbones just to be considered “pretty” or “beautiful” and if you think that, you’re close-minded and disgusting, and also pathetic for letting Hollywood mutilate your views of what is considered “beautiful”. Ugh.

      On a more relevant note, kudos to Rihanna for not starving herself or being disgustingly thin, and maintaining that beautiful body of hers.

  2. Shario1

    Visible: Boy do you have issues.

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