1. James

    I think I just jizzed.

  2. brian peppers

    dat ass.

  3. JesusCan'tHitACurveball

    Each August the island erupts with color as the Barbadian Sodomy Flower bursts into bloom.

  4. Oh that’s just delicious.

  5. Mr. Ed

    Whores are just whores, of course, of course.

  6. I am finding this portrait largely difficult to object.

  7. Dear White People,

    Your parades suck.

    The Rest of the World

  8. i want her asshole in my mouth, now!

  9. A Watcher

    Watch the heavens, watch the sky, watch as the days go passing by. “It” will come this I know because a watcher told me so. Now I know what I must do for I have become a watcher too. When you know the end is near, watch and wait for “it” to appear. The watchers know things not of this world. They have been watching man since they were put on this earth. Watch “it’s” coming, will be here soon. Now you’ve been told the watchers are here, watch and wait because this all you can do unless you become a watcher to.

    Remember the watchers are watching you!!!

  10. Stubbs

    bwahahaha drunken queen of barbados :DD

  11. jx2020df

    Love that big black ass on my face :D

  12. Dudey

    Soooo out of shape. Lazy ass will be a fat scrubber in ten years time.

  13. candy

    so far she has the best ass all these celbs have to offer dnt believe me look an Dita Von Tesse, Kim K and Lindsey Lohan.. Rihanna babycakes is #Winning!!

  14. Piroca de Fantasma é Geladinha

    Um bundão moreno é sempre bem vindo.

  15. Nate

    I want to lick her asshole and eat peanut M&Ms out of it.

  16. Turtles

    Yep she got nice a$$. Hate her ugly face.

  17. Beautyfull sexy ass Ilike it

  18. mark

    even a blind man will see that assssssssssssss

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