1. O'chunt

    So that’s the dildo he uses to bang women in his pocket, right?

  2. ThisWillHurt

    So Rihanna finally poisoned Chris Brown? Nah, who am I kidding? She doesn’t have enough respect for herself to do such a huge favor for her own sake. He probably made her Tweet this pic to let everyone know nice guys will never, EVER, get laid. Ever. Message received!

    • I got that message a long time ago.

    • ihatechrisbrown

      Rihanna fucking Chris Brown has nothing to do with nice guys never getting laid. I don’t understand how or why she’d go back to someone who beat the hell out of her, but don’t turn this into some nice guys don’t get laid bull shit. Real nice guys DO get laid. Guys who only act nice to get laid complain about not getting the girl. And sometimes girls fuck total assholes. That’s life.

  3. Juch

    Looks like Bart Simpson has a blue afro

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